Friday, 27 April 2012


Earlier in the month we had a very interesting visit from the artist Jon Adams.

He has a unique perspective on life partly due to his dyslexia although it shouldn't be reduced to that. His struggles with reading and writing (and some unenlightened teachers, sadly) led him to see things in terms of other kinds of narrative. Maps and geology are key metaphors in his art.

His work is more fun than I'm making it sound. He goes in for guerrilla art and playing with the boundaries of what he's doing.

At the college he gave a thought provoking talk and then ran a workshop for some of our students. They all made flags out of books and set them fluttering in a heart shape.

According to our local paper Jon Adams described the artwork as:

“A marking and crossing of boundaries that are imposed on us by others.”

Here's their article about the visit.

And here's some art as promised in the blog entry title...



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