Monday, 28 September 2009

About Blogging

The aim of this blog is to explore my developing understanding of 'Digital Information Technologies and Architectures', This is clearly intended to be a case of the medium reflecting the message, because blogs themselves are an important example of a technology which has changed the way we organise information.

Superficially blogs are a very simple idea. They are online diaries or Web logs. It's a concept that we tend to take for granted but actually this has huge implications for the way we share information.

Blogs are one of the most widely used forms of Web 2.0 technologies. The early bloggers helped to pioneer the idea that using the Internet should be a two way process. They helped to bring about that epoch-making shift from the static web of the past to the increasingly dynamic web of today.

Early Web users were expected to be largely passive consumers of information. They would access a website which would give them give them information. The websites were mostly created by experts or institutions. Blogging ushered in an age when almost anyone could publish on the Web. It also gave users the chance to respond to what they read by commenting on it, or if they were really inspired / incensed posting a reply on their own blog.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


Welcome to Beyond The Shelves We Know

This blog is primarily an assignment for my Masters course in Library Science.

The Digital Information Technologies and Architectures (DITA) module is intended to give us the technical skills needed to bring some order to the information in this messy digital world of ours.

The coursework assignment involves posting a reflection on what I've learnt each week.

The first step will be be to evaluate my experience of using this blog service.

Join me as I travel beyond the shelves we know out into the untamed wilderness of the blogosphere where information roams free.