Wednesday, 14 September 2011

CPD 23 -Thing 8 - Google Calender

Reading others' work before you do your own is a mistake. I would have thought that the danger is that you worry about saying the same thing as everyone else but actually I feel left out and worse a little behind the times. I use a paper diary at work and perhaps odder my library uses a paper shared diary which we all update with meetings and so on. Is that hopelessly oldfashioned? I've never thought of it as unusual before. I've used outlook calender in other jobs but those teams were larger and spread out across a wider area.

Other cpd23ers seem to either already use Google calender at work or their workplace uses outlook calender to coordinate everyone. Perhaps we should be using google calender? I hate to let go of retro chic and I can see the advantage of just picking up a diary. It means people don't have to be logged onto a computer in order to check what's happening or to make an appointment.

In terms of embedding a calender in our website the college already has an online calender on our VLE which we do use to keep users informed.

My own investigation of Google calender suggests that it is a good online calender. It does what it should in terms of letting you organise your own life and it offers calender sharing options that would be useful for collaborative work or keeping a workplace coordinated. It can also be embedded into a website in order to promote events or to keep people informed about opening hours and such like. It's all very useful. I will look into using it at work.

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