Sunday, 3 January 2010

References and Resources

Assignment URLs

The URL for this blog -
My City Website -
My Java Script Application -


Belkin, NJ, Oddy, R & Brooks H, ASK For Information Retrieval - Journal of Documentation (1982)

Boumphrey, F. and Harrison, M. (2000), XML for the Healthcare Executive.

Butterworth, Richard, DITA: Lecture 2 - Digital Representation
Butterworth, Richard, DITA: Lecture 3 - The Internet and the World Wide Web
Butterworth, Richard, DITA: Lecture 6 - Markup and Cascading Style Sheets
- The above lectures can be found on City University's Cityspace VLE at

Chowdury, GG & Sudatta Chowdury, Introduction to Digital Libraries, 2003, London, Facet Publishing

Flanagan, D, Javascript: The Definitive Guide - Fourth Edition, Sebastopol, 2001, O'Reilly Media

Rosenfeld, L & Morville, P, Information architecture for the World Wide Web (2007) (3rd edition), Sebastopol, CA.: O'Reilly

Rutter, R. (2000) Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi

Webmonkey Tutorials - Accessible guides to creating your own website
Webmonkey, HTML
Webmonkey, Javascript

Webopedia: JPG vs GIF vs PNG
Clear information about the three main graphics formats.

W3 Guide to Cascading Style Sheets

Sperberg-McQueen, CM and Burnard, L (2004) Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), A Gentle Introduction to XML

Zen Garden
Inspiring examples of the use of Cascading Style Sheets

Images - Earth Vs the Flying Saucers movie poster

Valentin, Nicolas - Oh Look, There is a Rainbow!

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